Dates:June 24-28, 2019
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Speed and Strength


Speed and Strength Background

Speed, strength and basketball athleticism goes far beyond just lifting weights or running miles on end. Pro Speed and Strength Trainer Chris Jacobson will be in attendance to providing players with the latest in basketball training methods. Coach Jacobson will train players as well as lecturing on the importance of nutrition, recovery and injury prevention.

Background For What To Expect From Coach Jacobson

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Basketball specific speed, strength, agility and power:

  • Prevention of basketball injuries
  • Enhancement of skill & game performance

These objectives are reached by:

  • Training the player with sport-specific components: warm-up/cool-down with flexibility stretching, strength, plyometric (power training), acceleration-speed & agility quickness and muscular endurance training exercises
  • Utilizing a needs analysis that includes the biomechanics, physiology, and the common sites of injury relative to the sport of basketball and the position that the athlete plays.
  • Basketball Performance Testing